...the masks are worn to protest the toxicity of popular culture...”

— Chuck Haven

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New Year

It's been an interesting ride for 2017. New label, new music, and the struggle of what I have been through the past couple of years. Thinking back on it, I almost gave up after both my brother's passing. They were some of my biggest supporters with my music. To move on, was to say in the least, difficult. The latest album, "American Monster" was a reflection of my current state of mind. Trying to just make it through the years from grief. I'm only human. What seemed a different take on my writing, showed…

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New website and blog


We finally got our new website up and running. We also decided to try out this blog thingy to just talk about stuff. Whether it be a good or bad experience in our music career and even talk about non music adventures. Cool thing about this blog is that we don't have to worry about any kind of 3rd party censorship, as this is completely owned by us! So sit back and enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions, or just want to get to know us better!

Thanks and talk soon!


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